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About PDR eBooks

paintless dent repair / removal eBookAuto Lecture wants to bring different things to the PDR table. Meaning our team is dedicated to create downloadable paintless dent repair eBooks. Dent Removal tutorials that help guide and teach PDR techniques that are applied in the dent removal industry today.

What's a PDR eBook?

A PDR eBook is an electronic book published in electronic form. Once purchased and downloaded, you can read from a computer, which may be a desktop computer, a handheld computer, or a specialized electronic book reading device.

How it Works

Pretty simple. If you decide you like one of our eBooks, you simply add it to your cart. Once checked out, within minutes, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download your new purchased PDR eBook. You will have 24 hours to download your file, so please save it soon as you are able.

How Often Will Auto Lecture Publish New PDR eBooks?

We plan to publish 1-2 a month, sometimes more. Our most important goal is not to publish a lot of PDR eBooks every month but instead, publish high quality and educational material. PDR takes a long time to learn. Demonstrating it in a clear mannerism takes a while as well.

What's the Purpose of Having an eBook Compared to a DVD?

There will be times you would like to just pull out your printed out PDR ebook and use as a quick reference. We feel it's very benficial to have on hand because with paintless dent removal, you never know what you'll run into. It's especially useful for newbies to use as a guide and compare. Keep in mind, everyone is a newbie. PDR changes often than you think. Vehicles designs, access points and even PDR techniques. Having a PDR eBook manual on hand when needed, we feel is a good idea.