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About PDR Videos

The FAQ's About Learning Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Personal Training or Video

paintless dent repair trianing videosLearning paintless dent repair is considered one of the hardest trades to learn. And it's quite hard to learn from just PDR videos as well. Unfortunately there is no easy way to be fast and proficient, unless you attend a personal one-on-one, 2-4 week PDR training course. Even then, you are not guaranteed success. It will take you much dedication and commitment on your part even after the initial one-on-one PDR training program.

Auto Lecture understands not everyone can either afford or take the time to attend professional one-on-one PDR training. If at all possible, we do recommend you attend if you can. It would dramatically increase not only your learning curve but your chances of success as well.

Why Do You Sell PDR DVD Videos Then?

We sell and provide PDR training videos to those who want to build and maintain good habits. Our PDR videos are created and edited straight from professionals. Meaning, the people you see in the videos are real PDR technicians doing real dents. Not only do they provide professional PDR techniques, they are the actual people who perform PDR day by day as a career. Over the years, paintless dent removal has evolved from using garden tools to glue pulling. Techniques, tools and access areas change. The content you see in these videos are challenges or questions PDR techs have in everyday situations. From basic PDR explanations to complex and hard to remove dent repair situations. Not to mention access point videos that help you make better decisions before picking up a drill or making a mistake.

How Successful Are People Learning from PDR Videos?

We wish we could give an accurate answer to that but we do know that most people find our videos very clear and comprehensible. We don't just sell any type pf PDR videos. We do our best to help produce and work with other PDR training video companies. Bringing you the most optimal content and material you can find. It's not impossible to learn from scratch from PDR training videos.. It just takes a bit longer than if you would attend a professional, one-on-one PDR training course.

We will continue to add to the video library with more useful paintless dent removal videos and to the eBook section as well.